Month: February 2020

How to go to DaeJonHouse?

There is one question so many customers asking us via Facebook. Every time we got this question we are like,”We know that DaeJonHouse location is difficult to find!”

So finally we have decided to show you how to go to DaeJonHouse on video! Those who haven’t been to DaeJonHouse, please refer to the video below.

How to take a walk from Clarke Quay MRT Station!

Regular Customers, if you are asked how to go to DaeJonHouse, please share this video!

Eat Kimchi to get Healthy Body? Tabao Kimchi Promotion!

Kimchi, the spicy fermented cabbage dish is Korean traditional culture food. As you may know, when you try Korean food, Kimchi comes as your side dish.

But have you ever heard Kimchi could prevent a lot of illness?

In 2002, more than 3,000 people around the world were infected with SARS. However, there has been no officially known SARS patient in Korea.

Here is another news regarding Kimchi!

Kimchi contains garlic and ginger, those can increase your body resistance as well.

Hence, DaeJonHouse has decided special promotion for all of customers which is called “Tabao Kimchi Promotion!”

We have prepared $18.00 worth Kimchi Packs!

All customers who enjoyed our Food can get this Kimchi Pack with 50% off, $9.00! The size of Kimchi Pack is just like this.

So if you are at home and haven’t been eating out recently, why not come to DaeJonHouse? We will wait for you with tons of Kimchi Packs!

Korean Restaurant “Facebook Promotion” in Singapore

We love Korean foods, Drinking and Customers!

That’s why we are offering cheapest Soju in Singapore.

Besides Soju promotion, we are doing a lot of promotions. To refer our promotions, please check the link below.

DaeJonHouse Promotions

Also our popular promotion is Facebook Promotion!Just come to DaeJonHouse, enjoy our food and check in our our Facebook page, then you get 5% discount.

DaeJonhouse Facebook Page

Please don’t miss this chance when you visit our Restaurant!

Asahi Beer $3.9 in Singapore

Do you know we are doing Asahi Beer Promotion $3.9 ?

Regular Price for Asahi is $7.0 but it’s only $3.9!

So If you wanna enjoy Asahi with Korean BBQ, our restaurant is one of the best!

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